Best Movies of 1965

RTITLELL%Lists By Year
1The Sound of Music10452%1965 (104)
2Ship of Fools8342%1965 (83)
3The Pawnbroker8141%1965 (81)
4Darling7437%1965 (74)
5The Collector7236%1965 (72)
6Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines6935%1965 (69)
7Doctor Zhivago6533%1965 (65)
7The Spy Who Came In From the Cold6533%1965 (65)
9The Ipcress File5025%1965 (50)
10The Great Race4121%1965 (41)
11The Train4020%1965 (40)
12A Thousand Clowns3618%1965 (36)
13Thunderball3417%1965 (34)
14Juliet of the Spirits3216%1965 (32)
15The Cincinnati Kid3116%1965 (31)
15The Yellow Rolls-Royce3116%1965 (31)
17The Knack… and how to get it3015%1965 (30)
17Van Ryan's Express3015%1965 (30)
19King Rat2714%1965 (27)
20Shenandoah2513%1965 (25)
20The Agony and the Ecstasy2513%1965 (25)
22That Darn Cat2412%1965 (24)
23Cat Ballou2211%1965 (22)
24What's New Pussycat?189%1965 (18)
25The Sandpiper179%1965 (17)
25Lord Jim179%1965 (17)
27The Loved One168%1965 (16)
28Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte158%1965 (15)
28Help!158%1965 (15)
30The Sons of Katie Elder137%1965 (13)
31The Slender Thread126%1965 (12)
31A Patch of Blue126%1965 (12)
33The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders116%1965 (11)
33The Hill116%1965 (11)
35In Harm's Way105%1965 (10)

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L Total number of lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Percentage of total lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
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