Best Movies of 1959

RTITLELL%Lists By Year
1Anatomy of a Murder23074%1959 (230)
2Ben-Hur22666%1959 (32) | 1960 (194)
3The Diary of Anne Frank18058%1959 (180)
4The Nun's Story16754%1959 (167)
5Pillow Talk15149%1959 (151)
6North by Northwest15048%1959 (150)
7Room at the Top14547%1959 (145)
8Some Like it Hot12942%1959 (129)
9Compulsion12139%1959 (121)
10Suddenly, Last Summer10129%1960 (101)
11Operation Petticoat8324%1960 (83)
12A Hole in the Head7123%1959 (71)
13The FBI Story6320%1959 (63)
14The Mouse That Roared6920%1960 (69)
15The Big Fisherman5718%1959 (57)
16Middle of the Night5317%1959 (53)
17A Summer Place5115%1960 (51)
18Imitation of Life (1959)3913%1959 (39)
19The Shaggy Dog3612%1959 (36)
20The Sound and the Fury3110%1959 (31)
20But Not For Me3110%1959 (31)
22Rio Bravo3010%1959 (30)
22The Hanging Tree3010%1959 (30)
22Career3010%1959 (30)
25This Earth is Mine289%1959 (28)
26Darby O'Gill and the Little People279%1959 (27)
27The Devil's Disciple268%1959 (26)
28Sapphire258%1959 (25)
29It Started With a Kiss248%1959 (24)
30Third Man on the Mountain237%1959 (23)
31The Horse Soldiers217%1959 (21)
32Sleeping Beauty206%1959 (20)
33Ask Any Girl196%1959 (19)
34The Big Circus175%1959 (17)
35Al Capone165%1959 (16)
36The Roof145%1959 (14)
36Gidget145%1959 (14)
38The Last Angry Man114%1959 (11)
39On the Beach103%1959 (10)

Lists Included 310 (estimated)

L Total number of lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Percentage of total lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Lists By Year
Number of votes in annual Film Daily poll

The Results of this poll are directly from The Film Daily annual poll that asked newspapers around the nation to submit a top 10 list.  Films have been recategorized to U.S. release dates, as the poll often took place prior to year-end.