Best Movies of 1958

RTITLELL%Lists By Year
1Cat on a Hot Tin Roof22167%1958 (221)
2Gigi21064%1958 (210)
3Auntie Mame20061%1958 (200)
4The Defiant Ones16951%1958 (169)
5Separate Tables15046%1958 (150)
6I Want to Live!12139%1958 (15) | 1959 (106)
7Some Came Running10433%1958 (11) | 1959 (93)
8The Inn of the Sixth Happiness10032%1958 (10) | 1959 (90)
9The Long Hot Summer9328%1958 (93)
10The Young Lions8927%1958 (89)
11the Big Country8426%1958 (84)
12The Last Hurrah8024%1958 (80)
13The Brothers Karamazov7623%1958 (76)
14Indiscreet7322%1958 (73)
15Damn Yankees6119%1958 (61)
16Bell, Book, and Candle5718%1959 (57)
17No Time For Sergeants6018%1958 (60)
18Me and the Colonel5818%1958 (58)
19Teacher's Pet5717%1958 (57)
20The Vikings5015%1958 (50)
21Houseboat4012%1958 (40)
22Vertigo3812%1958 (38)
23The Key3711%1958 (37)
24The Goddess3611%1958 (36)
25The Matchmaker3210%1958 (32)
26The Reluctant Debutante299%1958 (29)
27White Wilderness227%1958 (22)
28The Old Man and the Sea165%1958 (16)
29The Proud Rebel155%1958 (15)
30The Perfect Furlough134%1959 (13)
31A Time to Love and a Time to Die124%1958 (12)

Lists Included 329 (estimated)

L Total number of lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Percentage of total lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Lists By Year
Number of votes in annual Film Daily poll

The Results of this poll are directly from The Film Daily annual poll that asked newspapers around the nation to submit a top 10 list.  Films have been recategorized to U.S. release dates, as the poll often took place prior to year-end.