Best Movies of 1943

RTITLELL%Lists By Year
1The Song of Bernadette32568%1944 (325)
2For Whom the Bell Tolls28565%1943 (285)
3This Is the Army27663%1943 (276)
4Casablanca25959%1943 (259)
5The Human Comedy24155%1943 (241)
6Watch on the Rhine22050%1943 (220)
7In Which We Serve20847%1943 (208)
8So Proudly We Hail!20146%1943 (201)
9Madame Curie20743%1944 (207)
10Stage Door Canteen16237%1943 (162)
11The More the Merrier15435%1943 (154)
12Lassie Come Home15232%1944 (152)
13Air Force10323%1943 (103)
14Claudia10223%1943 (102)
15Heaven Can Wait (1943)9722%1943 (97)
16Destination Tokyo10322%1944 (103)
17The Moon is Down8219%1943 (82)
18Shadow of a Doubt7617%1943 (76)
19The Constant Nymph7417%1943 (74)
20Bataan7016%1943 (70)
21My Friend Flicka6916%1943 (69)
22Keeper of the Flame6214%1943 (62)
23Holy Matrimony5913%1943 (59)
24Guadalcanal Diary5311%1944 (53)
25Mr. Lucky4510%1943 (45)
26Thousands Cheer4910%1944 (49)
27Action in the North Atlantic4310%1943 (43)
28Flesh and Fantasy439%1943 (20) | 1944 (23)
29Old Acquaintance449%1944 (44)
30Lost Angel429%1944 (42)
31Five Graves to Cairo338%1943 (33)
32Princess O'Rourke307%1943 (30)
32Cabin the Sky307%1943 (30)
34Coney Island286%1943 (28)
35Phantom of the Opera (1943)256%1943 (25)
36Happy Land276%1944 (27)
37This Land is Mine245%1943 (24)
37Star Spangled Rhythm245%1943 (24)
39The North Star255%1944 (25)
40Forever and a Day205%1943 (20)
41Johnny Come Lately194%1943 (19)
42Sahara184%1943 (18)
42Corvette K-225184%1943 (18)
44Thank Your Lucky Stars174%1943 (17)
45Tender Comrade184%1944 (18)
46Edge of Darkness164%1943 (16)
46Dixie164%1943 (16)
46Commandos Strike at Dawn164%1943 (16)
49Victory Through Air Power153%1943 (15)
49Hangmen153%1943 (15)

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L Total number of lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Percentage of total lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Lists By Year
Number of votes in annual Film Daily poll

The Results of this poll are directly from The Film Daily annual poll that asked newspapers around the nation to submit a top 10 list.  Films have been recategorized to U.S. release dates, as the poll often took place prior to year-end.