Best Movies of 1962

RTITLELL%Lists By Year
1David and Lisa14654%1962 (24) | 1963 (122)
2The Manchurian Candidate19353%1962 (193)
3The Music Man17749%1962 (177)
4The Miracle Worker17448%1962 (174)
5The Longest Day16345%1962 (163)
6To Kill a Mockingbird15443%1962 (154)
7Requiem for a Heavyweight15041%1962 (150)
8Bird Man of Alcatraz12835%1962 (128)
9Lawrence of Arabia12234%1962 (122)
10Billy Budd11732%1962 (117)
11A Taste of Honey11131%1962 (111)
12Days of Wine and Roses8029%1962 (22) | 1963 (58)
13Long Day's Journey Into Night6124%1963 (61)
14Advise and Consent8122%1962 (81)
15Gigot7822%1962 (78)
16Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?6819%1962 (68)
17Lolita6719%1962 (67)
18Sweet Bird of Youth6518%1962 (65)
19That Touch of Mink6317%1962 (63)
20Hatari!5916%1962 (59)
21Divorce - Italian Style5415%1962 (54)
22Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation5214%1962 (52)
23The Interns5114%1962 (51)
24A View From the Bridge4813%1962 (48)
25Boccaccio ‘704713%1962 (47)
26Gypsy4412%1962 (44)
27Period of Adjustment319%1962 (31)
28Walk on the Wild Side308%1962 (30)
28In Search of the Castaways308%1962 (30)
30Bon Voyage!288%1962 (28)
31Shoot the Piano Player267%1962 (26)
32The Chapman Report206%1962 (20)
33Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)185%1962 (18)
34Whistle Down the Wind123%1962 (12)

Lists Included 362 (estimated)

L Total number of lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Percentage of total lists where the film was selected as one of the top 10 films of the year
Lists By Year
Number of votes in annual Film Daily poll

The Results of this poll are directly from The Film Daily annual poll that asked newspapers around the nation to submit a top 10 list.  Films have been recategorized to U.S. release dates, as the poll often took place prior to year-end.